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Student Safety - TRE-SHELL K53 Driving School

TRE-SHELL Driving School is the way to go to get the right training to pass your K53 driving TRE-SHELL Driving School is the way to get you the right training to pass your K53 driving test.

We arrange bookings for your learners and drivers licences!!
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We are professionally trained and GPA qualified instructors that consider your safety as a first priority above all else.

As far as is practical lessons are concerned we train you within your area so that you do not have to drive around in strange and unfamiliar areas.

Our vehicles are equipped with dual controls (specifically brakes pedals), ABS, airbags etc as set out in the GPA safety guidelines for your convenience and further safety. We also offer a collect and drop off service at a safe place as agreed to at the time of your booking.

Our parking training is provided in a safe area, demarcated for driver training purposes and clearly marked with orange road marker cones. These areas are frequented by several other driving schools and you can therefore feel comfortable while making use of these facilities with us.

Road training is also conducted in a safe manner, in an area that you are comfortable and familiar with.

TRE-SHELL Bestuurskool is die plek vir jou opleiding om die K53 bestuurderslisensie toets te slaag.